48 hours in Leeuwarden


Let’s be honest, one day in Leeuwarden isn’t really enough. If you want to discover the city’s culinary hotspots, or taken in by the fabulous stories about the centuries-old history of the city centre and know not only the city, but its people, then you’ll really a little more time. Stay the night, and take your time getting to know the place. And, if 48 hours isn’t quite enough, stay one more day!

12:00 PM - lunch

2:00 PM

Let’s start at a steady pace. A tour of the canals that criss-cross the city centre offers you a glimpse into the rich history of the city. It’s a serene way to get started- you have two busy days ahead!

4:00 PM

Brr, it’s got chilly! Why not warm up in the cosy surroundings of Dikke van Dale with a warm cup of coffee and a freshly baked party. They also have a pretty selection of liqueurs, but don’t imbibe just yet- there’s plenty of that at your next stop.

7:00 PM

Time to celebrate ‘la dolce vita’, at Fellini. Everything here revolves around eating, drinking, and relaxing like an Italian, with excellent cuisine and great aperitivo selection planks. A good place for an extended visit!

Day 2 - go!

10:00 AM

Opposite the Prinsentuin (Prince’s Garden), which is central park in Leeuwarden, you will find Stek. It’s situated overlooking the water, and is absolutely perfect for breakfast. The menu is varied, from healthy juices, to creamy cappuccino’s, or platters of American pancakes, start your day right!

12:00 PM

In Leeuwarden, it is impossible to get museum-fatigue! This is entirely due to the number and breadth of museums here- meaning loads of beautiful things to discover. Take, for example, the Kermiekmuseum Princessenhof, which showcases not only wonderful ceramics and ceramic art, but also has a rotating calendar of exciting, modern exhibitions.

2:00 PM

Hungry? After taking in the ceramic museum, its time for lunch! Let’s stay in the city centre and go to Bagels & Beans- which welcomes you in with the tempting smells of fresh coffee and baking goodies.

4:00 PM

Time for something a little stronger. Wander into the Bagijnestraat, and find the Boomsma Distillery Museum. Inside the historic building, you will be taken back to the very beginning (its roots, hint hint) of the story of this popular Frisian spirit. Nothing is off limits, from the production process, through to heirlooms from the old distillery. The Distillery Museum also offers tastings, perfect for steeling you in the cold!

7:00 PM

After a spirit-ual experience at Boomsma, head over to De Walrus. Its beautifully situated on the Gouverneursplein, so find a spot and settle in. It’s somewhat like a brown cafe, except for far more luxuriously appointed. If you’re after some fresh air to go with your drinks, just head to the terrace- its a warm place to watch the world go by.

9:30 PM

Not tired yet? Head to the Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie and let the music take over in one of the entertainment areas, or catch some live music at the Neushoorn Leeuwarden’s Poppodium event. Want more ideas? Check the agenda:

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24 hours in Leeuwarden

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72 hours in Leeuwarden

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