48 hours in Leeuwarden


Let’s get this out of the way early: one day in Leeuwarden is never enough! If you want to discover the best culinary hotspots, get a real feeling for the city, and learn about the centuries of history properly then you’ll have to stay the night! It might even be that 48 hours isn’t enough: if you think so too, why not stay just one day more?

2:00 PM

During your stay, you may see some people staring at tiny ledges in the wall. And you may be thinking:  what's going on here? The Miniature People Route consists of 68 scenes on many beautiful locations hidden in the centre of Leeuwarden. The little figures are less than two centimeters tall and are located in various places you  throughout the city. Can you find them all?

4:00 PM

Break time! After all that walking, it's time for a well-deserved cup of coffee at Brownies&downieS. The fresh coffee and traditional dishes are just like the cheerful employees: pure and perfect.


7:00 PM

After a walk through the monumental municipal park De Prinsentuin, take a seat on the terrace of De Koperen Tuin. Thanks to the wide range of drinks and snacks, you can be sure that there is something for everyone!

'Borrel' spots

Day 2 - go!

10:00 AM

A good start to the day is a freshly-brewed cup of coffee complimented with breakfast. For this, you really have to go to espresso bar Doppio. In addition to the best coffee in Leeuwarden, they also serve fresh sandwiches to help you recharge the batteries for another day of exploring Leeuwarden.


12:00 PM

In Leeuwarden we never get tired of museums! Visit the Van Eysinga museum house, a mansion built by one of the most important men of the eighteenth century. Get to know the Van Eysinga family, ring the bell, go in and be surprised!

Museums in Leeuwarden

2:00 PM

Time for some food! After an afternoon of walking around the museum house, you've worked up an appetite.  Banhs & Boba, has brought Asian street food to Leeuwarden. Get to know the fresh and tasty ingredients of Asian cuisine.

More lunch

4:00 PM

Visit De Blokhuispoort, a building that served as a detention center until 2007. See the historic cells, bunker or boardroom on one of the daily open tours where a former jail guard tells his story. Would you rather go shopping? Then visit Cellenblok H in De Blokhuispoort, where you will find all kinds of creative people with their own shops and special products.

De Blokhuispoort

7:00 PM

You end the last evening of your stay at Grand café De Dikke Van Dale. Located at Nieuwestad 69 in the heart of Leeuwarden, this cafe is the perfect place for a night out. The old English style of the café creates a warm and friendly atmosphere in which you can completely relax and look reminisce about a successful two days in Leeuwarden.

Spots to warm up

9:30 PM

Satisfied you turn in for the night at Alibi Hostel, which is situated in the old prison De Blokhuispoort. The hostel is located in a cell block where, as a guest, you will sleep in a cell. The cell block was built in 1875 and has been almost completely restored to its original state, without sacrificing comfort and cosiness. This makes staying overnight in Leeuwarden a unique experience!

Maybe you'd prefer to sleep somewhere else?

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