24 hours in Leeuwarden

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You might have noticed that Spring is in the air in Leeuwarden! The sun is shining, trees are in bloom, and the people are cheerful and keen to get outside. Come and join us! 24 hours isn't a long time, but let's make it a warm and lovely experience. Bathe in culture at a museum, go and wander languidly around the city, and then come to rest on a terrace to make the most of Spring. Loads of fun for everyone!

09:30 AM

Even if you’ve only got 24 hours, its best to start in a relaxed way. First up, wander to Doppio Espresso, located on the Wilhelminaplein. Their coffee is hard to beat, so get your first tasty cup of the day in.

10:00 AM

Just around the corner is the Fries Museum. Whilst the institution has a history stretching to over 190 years, the space-age building on the Wilhelminaplein has been its home for five. The stunning structure was designed by the regarded Frisian architect, Abe Bonnema. The museum is currently host to the exhibition ‘Fenduq' by Éric van Hove.

12:00 PM

Though you could safely store your things at the Fries Museum, now its time to get to know your lodgings, at Alibi. You’re going to be staying in one of the most beautiful buildings in Leeuwarden: the Blokhuispoort. Until 2008, it was the city’s prison, but now the newly renovated, design-led accommodation is much more fitting for weary travellers, with the cells transformed into characterful rooms. The rest of the former prison is now a cultural hub, with ateliers, artists, and events throughout the year.

1:00 PM

All that culture must have got you hungry, although its very hard to pull oneself away from the Blokhuispoort. Luckily, its got a casual cafe, and one of the hottest spots in town: Proefverlof. Whilst the menu is wide and covers brasserie staples, there is also the option to tell the chef what you do and don’t like, and trust their talents in crafting you a personalised menu!

3:00 PM

Having seen the Blokhuispoort and visited the museum, now its time to discover the rest of Leeuwarden. Since you certainly can’t see everything in only 24 hours, we will suggest some highlights! Have you already seen some of the numerous street art that lines the city? If you’d like to know more, just report to Henk for the Street Art Tour. Henk Leutscher organises city walks with ‘A Guide to Leeuwarden’, so you can get an alternative look at the sights.

5:00 PM

Take a little time for yourself, relax with wine and a borrelplankje and drink in your surroundings. At Sjoddy’s, the knowledgeable staff are more than happy to explain their wines, and what they pair best with from their extensive menu. If you start to get really hungry, the main courses and desserts really are the icing on the cake.

8:30 PM

Chances are that tonight there is a diverting performance can be seen at the opera house ‘de Harmonie’. It has a rotating calendar of shows, and they can be checked here, on the agenda.

Check the agenda

Finishing with breakfast

9:00 AM

Wake up in Leeuwarden and take a few more gulps of the fresh air. Before your date with the city ends, go for a hearty breakfast at the Grand Cafe Post Plaza: a good start is half the work, right? Would you prefer to breakfast somewhere else?

Broodje Bewust

Bagels & Beans


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