24 hours in Leeuwarden

day trip

Discover Leeuwarden in a day. Stroll through the cosy streets in the historic city centre, taste the Frisian culture and be surprised. Enjoy all the beauty that Leeuwarden has to offer. You’ll come a long way in 24 hours!

Start with coffee - wake up

10:00 AM

Start the day with a delicious breakfast at restaurant Bar Bistro DuCo. The restaurant is located in a special location: an old court school next to a royal 18th-century palace in the middle of the city centre of Leeuwarden.

More breakfast

12:00 PM

Time for some discovery! Why not an exciting jaunt through the Natuurmuseum Fryslân - where you can go on an under-water safari discovering the ‘big 5’ of the Dutch aquatic landscape.

Discover more

2:00 PM

All that exploring is making you hungry, so it’s time for lunch. Grand café De Walrus  offers a beautiful view of the Historic City Centre of Leeuwarden. You can relax on the pleasant terrace in front of the monumental building and you are close to many places of interest.

Lunch in Leeuwarden

3:00 PM

In the middle of the historic city centre of Leeuwarden is the 18th-century city palace of Maria Louise van Hessen-Kassel, Princess of Orange Nassau, ancestor of King Willem-Alexander. Visit exhibitions here that give you an insight into the lives of two famous residents of the Princessehof.

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Shopping - yes!

Have you taken in enough culture? The historic city centre of Leeuwarden is packed with boutiques, special shopping streets and hidden gems. See the different shopping areas of Leeuwarden below and plan your shopping afternoon!

Do you like to shop at the large fashion stores and hip pop-up stores, or do you prefer to look for hidden gems and unique gadgets in cute boutiques? You will find it all throughout the historic centre of the city!

Kleine kerkstraat

The smallest street with the greatest reputation: the Kleine Kerkstraat. It’s been voted the Nicest Shopping Street in the Netherlands several times. Whether you come for the delicacies or the fun, the entrepreneurs always give you a warm welcome.

Meer over Kleine kerkstraat

Ruiterskwartier & Zaailand

Are you coming from the station? There is a good chance that your day in Leeuwarden will start at the Zaailand. Don't miss the delis and boutiques here. Is it a drizzly day? Then you can visit the indoor shopping centre.

Meer over Ruiterskwartier & Zaailand

't Naauw-, de Kelders & de Sint Jacobsstraat

Are you looking for the nicest boutiques in Leeuwarden, the hidden gems of the city centre? Then we recommend these streets. There are super nice shops on the Naauw, the Kelders and in the Sint Jacobsstraat, you just have to know where to find them!

Meer over 't Naauw-, de Kelders & de Sint Jacobsstraat

De Nieuwestad & Wirdumerdijk

You can shop endlessly at the Nieuwestad & Wirdumerdijk! Here you will find the major fashion stores. Are you looking for the perfect birthday outfit, that one pair of jeans or are you purely shopping for relaxation? Here you will succeed!

Meer over De Nieuwestad & Wirdumerdijk
De Waag & Nieuwestad Leeuwarden


In these cozy streets, you will find everything you need... and more. In addition to the bakery, the butcher, the cheesemonger and the ‘ready-made-meals’ food shop, you will find an Irish pub, second-hand clothing shops, a shoe store and an gift shop.

Meer over Oosterstraat

De Voorstreek

If you're looking for something special, you've come to the right place! From famous record stores to a beautiful old pharmacy and the largest hobby shop in the Northern Netherlands, you’ll will find it on De Voorstreek.

Meer over De Voorstreek
Centrale Apotheek Leeuwarden
5:00 PM

Are you getting tired? Time for a break! The restaurant De Skeve Toren is located next to the iconic Oldehove. A contemporary restaurant located in a beautiful and historic location in Leeuwarden. Sink into a comfortable couch and order a hot cup of ginger tea or an other well-deserved drink!

More 'borrel' spots

7:00 PM

Finish your day off at ROAST, an attractive location with unique package deals where quality and hospitality are paramount. So you really like Leeuwarden? Then you discover even more of the city the next day.  Hotel Catshuis is just a minute away!

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Finishing with breakfast

11:00 AM

You slept well and are rested up? Before getting back in the car or on the train, go for a late breakfast at The Bakery Leeuwarden or one of the other pleasant cafes in Leeuwarden. Until next time!

Bagels & Beans

Grand café Fire

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