Studying in Leeuwarden

Studying in Leeuwarden - The time of your life

Studying in Leeuwarden will be a student time you will never forget! You alternate toiling, writing and studying with going out, socializing and lots of new friends. Studying in Leeuwarden takes you to new places, gives you new insights and gives you the time of your life. Your unforgettable study time in Leeuwarden starts with finding the right study and educational institution, but how do you find them?

Educational institutions in Leeuwarden - there’s something for everyone!

In Leeuwarden you will find a wide range of educational institutions for MBO, associate, bachelor co and master degrees. So there is always a school that matches your interests and needs. Do you have a passion for music? Then take a look at Minerva Academy for Pop Culture! Would you rather focus on a sustainable and better world? Then Van Hall Larenstein might be the right university for you. At NHL Stenden Hogeschool you will find a variety HBO courses, from Communication and Media, to Technology and Health Care.

In addition to colleges, you will also find universities in Leeuwarden. For example, the University of Twente has a campus here. You will also find various technical and social educational programmes. Are you planning to eventually transfer to the University of Groningen? You can first get your propaedeutic certificate at the location in Leeuwarden, situated in a beautiful building in the heart of the city centre! Would you like to get an MBO degree? As a student in Leeuwarden, you are also at the right place for this. There is a wide selection so take your pick!

Student life in Leeuwarden - anything but boring

Whoever says studying can't be fun is wrong! Studying in Leeuwarden doesn't mean it’s all blood, sweat and tears. Leeuwarden is a bustling city where you will find plenty of distraction next to your studies. Go on a pub crawl, discover hidden streets and monuments in the historic city centre, go to fun events and visit unique museums. Who might even join a sorority or fraternity?! The possibilities are endless! Come and study in Leeuwarden!

Well begun - Is half done

A new city, a new adventure! We can imagine that a new city can feel a bit strange. What is there to do, why are so many people looking at that leaning tower and what do all those works of art through the city mean? Fortunately, there are plenty of possibilities for getting the answers to these questions. For example, go out with a guide and discover the special stories and hidden places, discover things on your own or meet the smallest inhabitants during the Miniature Route that allows you to get to know Leeuwarden down to the smallest detail!

Work in peace - accompanied by coffee

A good cup of coffee is very important to break the monotony of studying. And that’s being the case, there has to be cozy coffee shops where, in addition to a good cup of coffee, you can also open your laptop to get started. One of the most well-known coffee shops is the Douwe Egberts Café. The baristas serve delicious coffee here and you can enjoy a view over the Wilhelminaplein from the second floor. Another popular hotspot is Grand Café Z. This café accommodates those who need to get some work done. It is located opposite the Fries Museum and offers spacious places to work, good Wi-Fi and delicious coffee so you can get started in peace.

Sometimes all you need is to focus and peace & quiet. No talking, no noise and no distraction...just you and your assignments. It is handy to know that you have several locations in Leeuwarden to choose from where you can complete your assignments in no time and in total peace and quiet. One of the locations is Dbieb at Blokhuispoort where, in addition to quiet study areas, you also have access to numerous books. Another location with study space is Tresoar. Here it’s also for you to work in silence with the Prinsentuin as your backyard! Here, if you need a study break, all you have to do is step outside and you can take a relaxing walk.

Time for a bite - and a drink

Easy and mobile - In Leeuwarden

Being mobile in Leeuwarden is not only easy, but also extremely fun. With a ‘swap’ bike (rental bike), you can easily cycle from one place to another in Leeuwarden in a short time. Whether you have to go to school or want to relax in the Green Star, with a bicycle you fly cheerfully and quickly to your destination. Prefer something different? With a Greenjoy boat, you can discover the water and the canals of Leeuwarden together with your friends. Ideal for a pleasant afternoon away in the Liwwader late summer. If you are going to discover the rest of Friesland (or even if you don't feel like cycling), Arriva and Qbuzz will arrange public transport in Leeuwarden and the surrounding area. In short, you can go where you want and how you want! Easy peasy!

The perfect closing of the day - Neushoorn

Music Venue Neushoorn

Studying is hard...we know that. A moment of relaxation and celebration is therefore very important. Music venue Neushoorn is the perfect place to enjoy the vibrant music, dance and film culture of Leeuwarden. With two halls, a café, cultural production areas and spaces for workshops, Neushoorn is the beating heart of Leeuwarden.

See the calendar of Neushoorn

Neushoorn Leeuwarden

End the day - Fun!

End your long school day in one of Leeuwarden's cosy pubs and cafes. A short visit to the Doelesteeg is always good, of course, but a drink at the Markies and/or the Brouwerij also ensures that you forget those long hours you spent in the lecture hall.

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