Prinsentuin City Park and Marina De Prinsentuin

City Park and Marina De Prinsentuin

In 1648 a park / pleasure garden was laid out on this site by order of Prince Willem Frederik van Nassau. A tribute to the end of the 80-year war and the peace of Münster. This part of the city would remain closed to the public for another 150 years. The park was made public by order of King William I. He donated De Prinsentuin to the population of Leeuwarden. The park was renovated several times until it became freely accessible in 1795. In the summer months you can enjoy the Prinsentuin concerts on Sunday afternoons. The Prinsentuin and its surroundings are a popular harbor for water sports enthusiasts. The location is beautifully situated, the service is good and the costs for mooring fees are low.


8911DE Leeuwarden
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