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Love for the spring in Leeuwarden! The sun is showing up more and more often, the terraces are slowly filling up again, and nature is colouring the Prinsentuin with beautiful spring flowers. You've figured it out: this is in bars and restaurants. Tie your shoelaces and stroll along the undiscovered streets full of ancient monuments. Welcome to Leeuwarden

Out and about! - Inspiration

Well begun - Is half done

How long are you staying? - 24, 48 of 72 hours

Shopping areas - shop!

Do you like to shop at the big fashion shops and trendy pop-up stores, or do you prefer looking for hidden gems and unique gadgets in cute little boutiques? Spread across the city's historic centre, you'll find it all!

Kleine kerkstraat

The smallest street with the biggest reputation: Kleine Kerkstraat. Voted the Netherlands' nicest shopping street several times. Whether you are visiting for the delicacies, the design or the cosiness, the entrepreneurs always give you a warm welcome.

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Ruiterskwartier & Zaailand

Coming from the station? Chances are your day out in Leeuwarden will start at Zaailand. Don't miss the delicatessens and boutiques on the Ruiterskwartier. And on a drizzly day? Then visit the indoor shopping centre.

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't Naauw-, de Kelders & de Sint Jacobsstraat

Looking for Leeuwarden's best boutiques, the gems of the city centre? Then we recommend these little streets. Naauw, Kelders and Sint Jacobsstraat. These streets are home to some amazing shops. Seek and ye shall find!

Meer over 't Naauw-, de Kelders & de Sint Jacobsstraat

De Nieuwestad & Wirdumerdijk

Endless shopping is possible on NIeuwestad & Wirdumerdijk! Here you will find the big fashion shops. Are you looking for the perfect birthday outfit, a pair of jeans, a nice warm coat or do you just want to relax? Success is guaranteed here!

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De Waag & Nieuwestad Leeuwarden


In these quaint streets you will find everything you need…and more. Besides the toko (Indonesian shop), butcher and ready-to-eat meal shop, you will find an Irish pub, second-hand clothes shops, a great shoe shop and an inspiring gift shop.

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De Voorstreek

If you're looking for something special, you've come to the right place! From famous record shops to a vintage heaven and the largest hobby shop in the Northern Netherlands, you'll find it on the Voorstreek.

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