Water fun in Leeuwarden


The warm days are approaching again and what could be better than cooling off in or on the water? It is a known fact that Friesland and water go hand in hand, but the great range of water activities that Leeuwarden and the surrounding area has to offer will surprise you..

Swimming in the open air - SUPER COOL!

Grote & Kleine Wielen (nature reserves)

On the north side of the Groningerstraatweg, you will find the official swimming location of the Grote Wielen nature reserve, or Grutte Wielen in Frisian. Don't like sandy feet? Then you are lucky! Here you will find a lawn for sunbathing instead of a sandy beach.

The area on the other side of the Groningerstraatweg, the Kleine (Lytse) Wielen, is also known as the Groene Ster (green star) recreation area. As the name suggests, this is a recreation area in the middle of the green. Since its inception, the people of Leeuwarden have absolutely loved it! Here you will find three recreational beaches, playgrounds for the kids and a kiosk for tasty drinks and snacks.

Outdoor swimming pool - In stiens

In the summer months at It Gryn in Stiens, aside the indoor pools, you can enjoy 2 warm outdoor pools with fun slides and a sunbathing and playground. All this and only 8 kilometres from the heart of Leeuwarden!

More action? - Water sports!

Are you a real adventure seeker? In Leeuwarden and the surrounding area, there are many water sports to do. The coolest activities on the water are listed here for you!

Or take it easy? - Relax

Would you really like to relax on the water? Then rent a longboat from Greenjoy or Bootverhuur Bonkevaart and sail through the city centre of Leeuwarden on your own. If you prefer exploring the city with a guide, you can do so with a cruise from the Praamvaren Foundation. They sail you along the most beautiful places in the city. Are you going for luxury and would you like to be sailed around in a real gondola? Then choose Venetian Gondola Tours.

Stille kant Nieuwestad Leeuwarden

Water fun for kids - YAY!

In Leeuwarden they know what wetterwille is! You can also come here for the best water activities with kids.

Even more fun? - Discover!

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