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Leeuwarden can be explored through whichever method suits you best, whether that is on the water, in a gondola, by bike, or by foot- everyone sees Leeuwarden best from their own perspective. Enthusiastic city guides will be happy to let you know all about their favourite place, most exciting story, or the loveliest winding street. The city has a gorgeous old centre, and there are always places to discover, so discover it!

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A quick and pleasant way to discover Leeuwarden is via one of the many tours. A Guide to Leeuwarden offers a Cultural Capital Tour, and even a Street Art Tour. And during the Highlighs Tour and the Leeuwarden Free Tour you'll discover the historisc city centre of Leeuwarden. Bathe yourself in the history of the Frisian capital!

Public transport 2.0

Have you spent the day wandering through the city, to the extent that your legs feel like they’re made of jelly? Then jump onto the train, or in a boat! Floating serenely through the centre of the city on one of the many grachts, you’ll soon relax.


The ‘Historic Centre of Leeuwarden’ (HCL) is the information and activity centre, and the base for knowledge about Leeuwarden. Thousands of metres of historic documentation from the Middle Ages through to the modern day are housed here, and can be accessed by anyone who is interested. Anyone that would like to find out anything about the history of Leeuwarden, or its former inhabitants, can get in touch with the HCL to utilise its archives.

The HCL also has a group of enthusiastic guides who are more than happy to tell of the fascinating history that the city has. The walking tours cover loads of city monuments, old waterways, scenic stately homes; and forgotten back streets.

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Historic City Centre

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