A weekend away

in Leeuwarden

A weekend in Leeuwarden won't be one to forget. Take time to discover the historical city centre, and find out some of the most beautiful places to visit. You can luncheon on the water, or get cosy on a terrace. Lovely to have you here, and even better that you're staying the night! In Leeuwarden, naturally, you can sleep in style! Check here for some inspiration for your weekend away.

Start off right - breakfast

Check in! - ZZZZ

Great that you've stayed overnight! Here, overnighting is a present to yourself. You won't find any boring hotel rooms in this city. Instead, you can stay in an old post-office, a former prison, or indeed an old royal palace!

Discover the city - old en new

Historic City Centre

Maybe you've heard the stories of Mata Hari and M.C. Escher already: these Leeuwarders are known around the world. But did you know, for example, that the mother of most Royal Families in Europe is buried in Leeuwarden? Head over to the Grote Kerk, where you can visit the grave of Maria Louise van Hessen-Kassel, who ruled from Leeuwarden. The historic city centre knows a lot more stories- do you want to discover them?


Gems - discover them!

Fine dining - hungry!

What is tastier than an entire evening of dining? Each course after the other makes you feel fuller and fuller, warmer and warmer. Eat peacefully, you've got plenty of time. How do you fancy wading through an endless wine-pairing, or a perfect tasting?


Roast is located on the cosy Nieuwestad, along a canal. At Roast you can enjoy a menu full of original dishes and a good atmosphere. Lovers of well-prepared meat can indulge themselves here. From dry- aged meat - you choose your own piece at the table - to real Japanese Wagyu. Let's Roast!


Fancy an endless evening of dining? Than you have to head over to Eindeloos! Step into the homely room, inside a hatch, and experience the tastiest local produce. Each time you go it is a surprise as to what will come to the table, because everything depends on what is in season. You'll also find a good selection of (organic) wines to go with your food.


Proefverloef makes the Blokhuispoort the first prison where you just won't want to leave. The beautiful plates are a treat to the eye, whilst the wonderful food and guest service has combined to mean that Proefverlof now sits in the Michelin Guide.


On the Tweebaksmarkt you'll find this exceptional location where East and West meet eachother. An endless menu of excellent Turkish food takes care of your rumbling stomach, whilst the easy ambiance belies the serious cooking that goes on. Güle Güle, come and visit Saray!

Museum-hopping - agenda

Fantastic, a whole weekend in Leeuwarden! Easily enough time to discover some great exhibitions. Dive into history at the Frisian Resistance museum, or discover the artistic world of ceramics at the Princessehof. What's your preference?

Finish off with a great lunch.

Before you head back to the train, car, or bike, you've just got time to enjoy one last plateful of deliciousness. You're guaranteed to be in food bliss after a lunch at any of these top locations. Or maybe you'd prefer something else for lunch?


Lazy Lemon


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