Walking routes in Leeuwarden

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Fancy a breath of fresh air? Whether you’re heading for a quick wander, or want to spend the entire afternoon wandering, you’re sure to discover something new each time.

Check out the Historic City Centre

In Leeuwarden’s city centre, you’ll find streets filled with historic buildings, stately homes, and centuries-old attractions. And, if you feel a little directionless, head to one of our vending machines at the Wilhelminaplein, the Oldehoofsterkerkhof, or the station to get an illustrated map.

Historic city centre

Like royalty - wow

Did you know that Leeuwarden was the royal capital of the Netherlands between 1584 and 1747? You’ll find the roots of the current Dutch royals here, too, so head out for a princely stroll through the centuries. Finish off your royal tour with a journey through the Prinsentuin, which was kept as a private pleasure garden for the royals. 

11Fountains - walking route

A wonderful leftover from Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018 (when the city and province were European Capital of Culture), is the 11Fountains project. There are eleven historic cities in Friesland, and each one received a special piece of art in the form of a fountain. Each fountain has a corresponding walking route around the city; in Leeuwarden you have to see Jaume Plensa’s ‘Love’ fountain next to the station!

Street Art tour - explore

If you’re a fan of art in atypical places, we highly recommend the Street Art Tour, where you’ll see that Leeuwarden truly is an open-air gallery! You’ll only see incredibly wall murals, but also everyday items transformed into art; from substations, to empty storefronts. 

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Wandering with kids - always something to see

Miniature People Leeuwarden

In more than 60 places across the city centre, you’ll see ‘Miniature People’: a series of tiny vignettes around two centimetres tall. The idea begun as an art project, but is now one of the best kid-friendly walking tours in the city. Remember to look high and low for the mini Leeuwarders! You can get the Miniature People route via both Google Maps, or for 1 euro in various shops in the city if you’d prefer a physical route card. 

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Miniature People Leeuwarden

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