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From historic buildings to modern architecture. Here you can marvel at history, wander through romantic courtyards and come across fantastic street art. Which sights should you see during your visit to Leeuwarden? There’s a wide selection, but we've narrowed it down to 10 for you!

Kleine Kerkstraat

The smallest street with the best reputation. The Kleine Kerkstraat has been voted the nicest shopping street in the Netherlands several times! Here you will find unique clothing and interior shops from local entrepreneurs and you can score real Frisian delicacies.

To the Kleine Kerkstraat

De Oldehove

What should have been the tallest tower in the Netherlands in 1529, eventually became the most crooked. Our iconic Oldehove sticks 1.99 meters out of plumb and we are ‘grutsk’ (= proud in Frisian) about that. You have a beautiful view of the tower from the square, but real daredevils can also climb the Oldehove. One hundred and eighty-three steps to the top, where a fantastic view of the city awaits you!

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De Oldehove Leeuwarden

De Blokhuispoort

On the edge of the city center is a very special building...the Blokhuispoort. This former prison from the 16th century no longer houses the tough guys, but you will now find a hostel, two restaurants, a library, all kinds of small shops and creative entrepreneurs.

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Street Art

The city as a canvas: Leeuwarden is bursting with special street art. In the smallest streets and in special locations, you will come across impressive murals or colourful electrical boxes. Some works of art convey an important message, others are purely intended to give the city a little more colour.

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De Grote Kerk

The traces of the Oranje Nassau’s can still be felt in many places in Leeuwarden, including the Grote- or Jacobijnerkerk. It is the oldest church in the city, built in 1300. On the east side, you will find the Oranjepoortje, which served as the private entrance of the Frisian stadtholders and Nassau’s. The tombs of the Orange royal family are in the basement of the church.

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The Prinsentuin municipal park

To stay in the royal atmosphere for a while, pay a visit to the Prinsentuin. The former pleasure garden of the Nassau’s is nowadays the city park that serves as a meeting place and one of the most beautiful festival and concert locations in the city. Tip: settle down for a romantic lunch or dinner in the Koperen Tuin (restaurant), located in the middle of the park.

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De Prinsentuin Leeuwarden

Sint Bonifatius Kerk

Tall churches catch a lot of wind, as the saying in Leeuwarden goes. During a hurricane on January 3, 1976, the tower of the Saint Boniface Church exploded. Fortunately, all damage has been repaired and you can safely admire this special church from the inside and outside. The neo-Gothic church is dedicated to Saint Boniface and was built in 1882 to a design by the architect P.J.H.Cuypers (who also designed the Central Station in Amsterdam).

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Did you come to the city by public transport? Then you probably didn't miss it: the imposing LOVE fountain right opposite the station. The 2 seven-meter-high white heads were designed by the Spanish top artist Jaume Plensa. A two-meter-high cloud of fog hangs around them, referring to the morning mist that hangs over the Frisian meadows early in the morning.

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Courtyards & guest houses

Want to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind? Then take a stroll to the hidden courtyards and guest houses in the city centre: Luilekkerland, Boshuisengasthuis and the Sint Anthony Gasthuis. Oases of peace and quiet, right in the centre. It's like time has stood still here.

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Luilekkerland Leeuwarden


As the name might suggest, the  Museumhaven (museum harbour) is full of sailing heritage. The harbour stretches from Willemskade to Wirdumerpoortsdwinger and you can admire historic clippers and imposing old tjalks. Here you imagine yourself in an open-air museum. And yes, you're seeing it right; there is also a real Pancake ship in between!

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