Street Art in Leeuwarden


From huge wall paintings to colourful electricity exchanges, and teeny tiny dioramas in unexpected places, Leeuwarden is a city and gallery all in one! Whether you discover it by yourself, or get a guide to show you, the city is covered in art on every surface.

Street Art Tour

Why not hit the road guided by an enthusiastic guide that can tell you all about the art? A Guide to Leeuwarden’s new Street Art Tour is free, although you can also give the guide what you’d like at the end. 

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Street Art Tour

Your own route - go!

You can also discover the city’s street art by yourself! There’s no better way of winding through the city of an afternoon. Check out Leeuwarden’s profile on Street Art Cities and make your own itinerary. 

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Miniature People in Leeuwarden

A street art project to keep your eyes peeled for is Miniature People Leeuwarden. Spread across 38 spaces in the city you’ll see a total of 47 tiny dioramas representing city life. The number of exhibits continues to grow, too! You’ll find the route for free on Google Maps, or for one Euro you can purchase a paper copy at various outlets in the city

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Miniature People Leeuwarden

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