Nieuwestad 100 Venetian Gondola Tours Leeuwarden

Venetian Gondola Tours Leeuwarden

Take a cruise through Leeuwarden in a real Venetian gondola. Enjoy the city from the water, in style and in the luxury of a real Venetian gondola. Just a nice tour of an hour, or put together your own programme and give your own interpretation to the cruise.

The gondola can, of course, also be rented exclusively for special occasions! However you wish it, it is guaranteed to be a unique experience to let you sail through the city in an  authentic Venetian way!

Data & times

  • Gondola tours are bookable from friday - sunday. No tours on mondays - thursdays,


  • Adults€19.50 The public Tour is € 19,50 per person. A maximum of 6 guests will be on board.
  • Payment options: Cash, PIN