De Groene Ster 2 AquaZoo Leeuwarden

AquaZoo Leeuwarden

AquaZoo is the family park of Friesland. Discover the special animals together, such as Nile crocodiles, polar bears, ring-tailed lemurs and flamingos. Or have fun in the playgrounds and on the discovery trails!

Walking among the penguins is a joy, and the Pinguin Haringhapfestijn (penguin herring snack feast) makes it even more fun! The penguins are then served a tasty dinner in the form of a tasty fish.

All the space you need, so safe in this time

At AquaZoo, you will find most animals in the open air. The park is spacious so that you have plenty of space. A good thing in this time.

This is where your journey of discovery starts.


De Groene Ster 2
8926XE Leeuwarden
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