De Groene Ster 2 AquaZoo Leeuwarden

AquaZoo Leeuwarden

AquaZoo is the family park of Friesland. Discover the special animals together, such as Nile crocodiles, polar bears, ring-tailed lemurs and flamingos. Or have fun in the playgrounds and on the discovery trails!

Walking among the penguins is a joy, and the Pinguin Haringhapfestijn (penguin herring snack feast) makes it even more fun! The penguins are then served a tasty dinner in the form of a tasty fish.

At AquaZoo, you will find most of the animals enjoying the outdoors. The park is spacious so that you have plenty of space. A good thing in this day and age.

Your journey of discovery starts here.

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