City of the Lions

Workum has plenty to offer for everyone: from Jopie Huisman to nice terraces, from guild bars to natural values. You can enjoy the beautiful paintings of the old iron and lamp merchant Jopie Huisman, but there is also a museum where you can learn about the rich history of Workum.

A walk through the old city centre is an attraction in itself. But the nature around the city is also worthwhile. You can go on beautiful nature walks and cycling trips along the Frisian Lake Ijssel coast or through the small villages and hamlets in the area.

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Fast shit, kite flyers and diligent hands

Dung Race

The bulb fields of Holland cannot survive without the cow dung of Friesland, so take the shortest route between Workum and Warmond to see this. Cross Lake IJssel via Amsterdam. The annual dung race is done by sailing with traditional freighters, skûtsjes and on wind power. No engine is involved. When the wind dies down and the sails become limp, it's pulling the ship and treading water for the crew. Manpower and ingenuity are then the only things you can get you through. Workum presents a maritime ode to wind and water with Dung Week with flower bulbs and a dash of cow manure.

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Museum van Mededogen

This name was given to the Jopie Huisman Museum by Comedian Freek de Jonge, and it fits like an old glove. Unpretentious with the value and warmth of the human dimension, Jopie preferred to paint the traces left by the cows rather than the cows themselves. He did this with a little reed. Workum's rag farmer chose subjects he saw every day and entrusted them to cloth and paper. His works are a combination of philosophy, aesthetics, and phenomenal painting. His message of compassion is universal and timeless, just like his paintings.

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Waving Sheets

The colourful kites make for decorative skies above Lake Ijssel. Between sky and water, the kite surfers dance in their game with the waves and the wind. The beach at Workum is the mecca for lovers of this sport. Here the wind always blows favourably, and the shallow water provides the perfect learning experience to master kiting. The advanced flyer also likes to come here with their oversized kite. Do you also dare to dangle from a sheet, or would you prefer to watch the dance?

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See you soon!

Discover Workum, a charming city in Friesland that has had city rights since 1399. Located on the former Zuiderzee and surrounded by the Frisian lakes, Workum was once a thriving trading centre. Nowadays, a city walk through the old city centre is an attraction in itself. Admire the picturesque stepped gables, gable roofs and the impressive Grote or Sint-Gertrudiskerk. It is, therefore, no surprise that Workum has been a protected cityscape since 1988.

Visit the Jopie Huisman Museum and be enchanted by the beautiful paintings by Jopie Huisman, an old iron and rag merchant. Or enjoy the beach, because Workum is located on Lake Ijssel and offers an ideal beach for children and (kite) surfers thanks to the shallow water. In the summer, Workum is a popular destination, lively and bustling.

Plan your visit and find out where to stay in Workum. There are several accommodations to choose from. There is also plenty to do in terms of activities in Workum and the surrounding area. You’ll be surprised by the many possibilities.

In short, Workum is a place you don't want to miss. Let yourself be enchanted by the historic charm, enjoy the cultural sights, and experience the relaxed atmosphere on the beach. Workum awaits you with open arms.

11steden - 11fountains

On foot, by bike, by motorbike or even by boat…. but above all known from doing it skating: the 200-kilometre Elfstedentocht (11 Cities Tour). Who doesn't know it? A household name for over 110 years, and not only in Friesland. Shivering, hopefully with well- sharpened blades, thousands of daredevils ventured across the frozen Frisian waters, past the eleven Frisian towns, for the last time in 1997. All along the route, the shore was packed with loyal supporters, cheering on the skaters everywhere possible in the icy cold. With the help of a piece of cake and a ‘zopie’, a warming Boomsa herbal bitter or purely by character, they saw Klasina Seinstra and Henk Angenent cross the finish line within eight hours in 1997. Although it has now been more than 25 years since the Elfstedentocht has taken place, winter remains the time to recall stories about the Tocht der Tochten (Tour of All Tours). 

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11 steden - bezoek ze allemaal!

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