May be smaal but packs a punch!

The fortified city of Sloten has about 750 inhabitants, making it the smallest of the Eleven Cities. But a gem it certainly is! You can leave your car behind, as the city is car-free. So here you can stroll through the picturesque streets, over the small bridges and along Slotermeer Lake.

Onion City - Sipelstêd

You don't immediately see it when you walk through, but from above, you can see that Sloten is shaped like an onion. Therefore, it is called the Sipelstêd (Onion City). And it lives up to this name! The annual market in Sloten is called Sipelsneon (Onion Saturday). You probably guessed it: it is held on a Saturday.

White laundry - Traditions

The mill, the gate, the church, and the cottages; the town feels like walking through a museum. Sloten is full of traditions, history, and stories. For example, the white laundry you see blowing in the wind on the washing lines. This used to be done on the Bleekweide, now they blow everywhere if you're lucky! The complete stories of the Onion Town and its history can be found in Museum Sloten, aka Museum Stedhûs Sleat (City Hall Sloten) You can't miss this museum, as it is right next to the church! Check opening hours in advance.

Soak up the Atmosphere in Sloten - Coffee-break!

The atmosphere of Sloten is reflected in the hospitality establishments. They are located in stately monumental buildings, with beautiful facades and many authentic details. So, time to let all the impressions and stories sink in over a cup of coffee or a delicious lunch!

For the water sports enthusiasts - Slotermeer

Let's not forget that Sloten is also highly recommended for water sports enthusiasts! Besides being a cosy little historic city, water sports are important here, too! You sail directly from Sloten onto the Slotermeer lake. The Eleven Cities Skating Tour crosses the Slotermeer twice: from IJlst to Sloten and from Sloten towards Stavoren.

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