City on the IJsselmeer (Lake IJssel)

Friesland's oldest city: Stavoren! It lies on the IJsselmeer, has many stories and you can cycle or walk from here to Hindeloopen. But first explore Stavoren. You can explore in a sporty or relaxed way. Relax on the beach, eat fish in the harbour or discover the city by going on a canal cruise.

Het Vrouwtje van Stavoren (The little lady of Stavoren) - The Icon

This bronze statue is the icon of Stavoren. There are several stories and myths about the Vrouwtje van Stavoren (Little Lady of Stavoren). The punchline of the most famous saga: pride comes before a fall. The whole story about the Little Lady peering over the water can of course be found in the town and in museum 't Ponth├║s. Opposite the historic Little Lady is a new cultural icon: the Fish. This is one of the 11fountains; every city of the Eleven Cities has a different fountain, but this one is very special!

Experience the atmosphere - in the harbour

Stavoren is located on the Ijsselmeer (Lake Ijssel), but its colourful houses make it look like Copenhagen. This photogenic harbour lends itself perfectly to pleasure boating, trade and fishing. On the dike, you can watch the sk├╗tsjesilen (SKS) sailing championship in summer. A Frisian tradition that also brings a lot of conviviality, because after the race it's party time! You can watch the sailing races from the mainland or via a canal boat.

The crossing - Enkhuizen

On foot, by bike; but of course, also from the water. Stavoren is surrounded by the IJsselmeer (Lake Ijssel) from three sides, so water sports enthusiasts are in the right place! In summer, you can also take a ferry to the other side. From Stavoren you can cross the IJselmeer (Lake Ijssel) to Enkhuizen. Just check the ferry schedule in advance.