Koestraat 11fountains Sloten

11fountains Sloten

Lapwing shows a girl standing on a man's shoulders. She is holding a bird in her hand. Under the man's feet, a messy pile of buckets, jerry cans and sinks form the base of the fountain. These universal containers where water flows quietly in and out indicate that our society has abundant access to something not at all obvious elsewhere in the world: water - the source of all life. The bird hugging the girl is a lapwing, a species of bird endangered in Friesland.

This fountain is part of the 11fountains: eleven fountains in the eleven Frisian cities, designed by eleven artists from eleven different countries. 11fountains is an international art project for Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018, Cultural Capital of Europe, conceived and curated by Anna Tilroe.


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