Sneek, Snits; both are accepted! When you think of Sneek, you probably think of Sneekweek. During this summer week, sailing races are held and it is a week-long party both on the water and in town. Besides the sailing races, there is street theatre and an abundance of music and fairs in town. But there is even more! All year round, Sneek is worth a visit as there is plenty to see, do and discover! 


In the city centre, besides the big chain shops, you will find lots of charming little ones in stately, centuries-old buildings. The gems are found in the small alleys, so don't miss them! Feeling hungry after strolling through the city? No problem because there are plenty of nice places for food and drinks. Restaurants with delicious food, cosy cafés, and sunny terraces: you are guaranteed to find a nice spot!

Don't want to miss anything? Then take a city walk! 

A taste of culture - in Sneek

The number of cultural activities the city offers is huge! Besides several museums, such as the Scheepvaart (maritime) Museum, many cultural events are organised, such as the Sneker Filmwinter and the Cultural Festival.

Where should you be when? The Scheepvaart Museum is home to Sneek's tourist office where they can give you all the information you need.

The wind in your hair - ON THE WATER

There's no denying it: in and around Sneek, both professional and amateur water sports enthusiasts are in for a treat. After all, you can sail straight onto the Snekermeer lake here. The only thing left to decide is which means of transport to use. A smaller sailboat or a real yacht, by sloop or by SUP: everything is possible! Even if you don't have sea legs, you can walk, cycle or paddle along the waterfront! 

Ancient - AND MODERN

The symbol of Sneek is the Waterpoort (water gate). Fun fact:  the architect is unknown. It now serves as a bridge over the waterway and is adjacent to the city centre. But Sneek has many more beautiful, old buildings like the St Martinus Church and the town hall. The old architecture is complemented by new art. Of course, you'll also find one of the 11 Fountains here. There are also eight other city fountains in the city, which are especially beautiful at night.

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