The northernmost city in the Netherlands has a rich history, but it is firmly rooted in clay. A down-to-earth but hip town, where you can shop and lounge after a short walk. With the Wadden Sea and the Lauwersmeer lake area as its nature-rich backyard, a week is far too short to make all the trips this far north has to offer from Dokkum. It is not at the end of the world, but you can see it from there.

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Beer brewing, sermons, and strongholds

Medieval Spring Water

When water is unpalatable, make beer. In the Middle Ages, beer was safer than polluted urban water and more nutritious, because grain and yeast contain vitamin B and nutrients. A medieval person would down about 300 litres of beer a year. Brewing still follows the same traditional methods, but with a touch of modern knowledge and a pinch of love and passion. Challenge your senses with a visit to the Dokkum breweries. Rûk, priuw and luister (Frisian for: smell, taste and listen) how the kettles transform grain and malt into a golden drink.

Man with a mission

Boniface is often mentioned in the same breath as Dokkum. Indeed, this was the place where he gave up his Ghost. The English missionary travelled to Friesland to convert the Frisians. A piece of cake, because his own Anglo-Saxon language resembled Old Frisian, so miscommunication was out of the question. The journey to Dokkum was a bit like a parade when the aged Boniface went to Friesland with his retinue in 754. For the Frisians, however, the conversion expedition was reminiscent of an advancing army. They intervened, blocked the road, and made short work of the company.

Hexagonal block

Surrounding the northernmost city in the Netherlands is a hexagonal, point-blank defensive work. The Bolwerk (stronghold) was commissioned by Prince William of Orange. Six projecting defences, a 24-metre-wide moat and more than five-metre-high ramparts were supposed to protect Dokkum from the enemy. Today, it provides us with a delightful walk past the mills Zeldenrust and De Hoop, four entrance gates, cannons from the nineteenth century and some beautiful vistas. At 9:50 pm, the bells ring as they used to: "In 10 minutes, the city gates will close!".

Experience Dokkum!

If you want to experience a historical city, Dokkum is really a destination for you. In its Frisian 'smûk' (smoke) style, beautiful, well-groomed and not too big. The strongholds, the Admiralty, the canals with their beautiful buildings, the Bonifatiuskapel (chapel), the IJsfontein (ice fountain) the hotel that welcomed its first guests in 1584 and the quaint shopping streets, terraces and beer breweries; this is a great place to land! Plus, the beautiful and diverse surroundings of Wad and Wouden (mudflats and forests). Welcome to Dokkum!

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