Leeuwarden with kids

Loosen up!

Spending a day in Leeuwarden is great, but with kids it can be ten times as fun! Everyone of every character will find something to do in the city.

Feast - hmmmm!

Crazy exhibitions - amazing!

Swim fish swim

From 2nd February to 25th August 2019, the Museum of Nature will be holding Swim fish swim, an interactive exhibition for the whole family: based around fish migration. Go on a journey with Harry the Herring, Steve the Sturgeon, and Sam the Salmon- or take a look underwater in a real exploration submersible!


The Walviszaal (whale hall) exhibits diverse marine life. You can see skeletons of minke whales, porpoises, narwals; and even bottle-nosed dolphins! The high point of the collection is a monumental 50-metre long skeleton from a sperm whale, that washed up on the island of Ameland on 3rd November, 1994.

Nature Museum Fryslân

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24h in Leeuwarden

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