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A visit to Leeuwarden is something for the whole family! Whether you go on a tour of discovery, hold a cosy cinema evening, or enjoy some great youth theatre- the Frisian capital has somewhere for all tastes.

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  • De Burgemeester van Napels

  • 't Pannekoekschip Leeuwarden

  • Stenen Tijdperk

    Stenen Tijdperk Leeuwarden
  • Lazy Lemon

    Speelhoek Lazy Lemon Leeuwarden
  • De Walrus


Crazy exhibitions - amazing!

Go on a journey of discovery at the Aquazoo

Lace up your boots, put on your backpack, and head on a voyage of discovery! There’s all manner of incredible animals on show at the Aquazoo. Everything from Nile crocodiles, polar bears, and pandas; to ring-tail lemurs, and much more. You’ll learn all about the animals during various educational presentations, too, so grab a map and head out on adventure.

On a voyage of discovery


The OnderWaterSafari is a brand new attraction that lets you duck under the waves without even getting your feet wet! The Netherlands has a unique relationship with water, and is full of coots, frogs, and mosquitos. We know what’s on top of the water, but what about under the surface? And how do things live in protected areas like the Wadden Sea? In a special carriage you’ll be taken on a journey through the fresh water habitats inside the Netherlands, to a special saltwater world in the Wadden Sea.

Head on Safari


Have you ever stood eye-to-eye with a venomous animal? You can now at the Natuurmuseum Fryslân! Their newest exhibition, GIF, will show you into the world of poisonous and venomous species from across the world. And, if seeing the animals through glass catches your attention, try out some of the interactive activities on offer. From the puff-adder to the bird-spider, to the giant millipede, each is more venomous than the last! Do you dare?



The Walviszaal (whale hall) exhibits diverse marine life. You can see skeletons of minke whales, porpoises, narwals; and even bottle-nosed dolphins! The high point of the collection is a monumental 50-metre long skeleton from a sperm whale, that washed up on the island of Ameland on 3rd November, 1994.

Natuurmuseum Fryslân

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