bonifatiusplein 2A House of VR Leeuwarden

House of VR Leeuwarden

"Play the world's most advanced VR experience with 12 players in Leeuwarden. One moment you are living in the here and now, the next you are lost in our world. Your heart is pounding, the adrenaline is flowing, you are trying to remind yourself that this world isn't real… but your mind and body contradict that. You've landed an experience that will stay with you forever."

Feel the impact of the game in your Haptic vest. Fight against zombies, destroy a spaceship, shoot at robots or solve various escape games. Nothing is impossible in the world of VR! The virtual world and the real world come together with the latest techniques, in an unforgettable experience. Forget Bowling, Laser gaming and Paintball. This is Virtual Reality!"


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