snekertrekweg 39 Monkey Town

Monkey Town

A large playground paradise for young and old! Come and experience the best day of your life! Will we see you soon?

See you soon!

Toddler morning

Surrounded by soft mats, play objects and mini slides, toddlers can discover the world of walking, running, trial-and-error at Monkey Town. The colour palette of the playing equipment make playing fun for every toddler.

Monkey town socks

Are you coming to play here? Don't forget to bring your socks. Playing barefoot is not allowed for hygienic reasons. It is also important that you go down the slides with barefeet. Barefeet can suddenly brinjg you to a halt when you are going full-speed. Safety is paramount at Monkey Town!

Forgot socks when you visit our indoor playground? No problem, socks are also available at the entrance!


Monkey Town
snekertrekweg 39
8912 AA Leeuwarden
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