Holidaying in Friesland

is really something else

There’s no better time to head to Friesland on holiday. It’s a place of peace, room, and safety; whether you’re taking in the beautiful nature, Frisian waterways, or ancient forests. But there’s plenty of culture, too, with the cute towns and cities overflowing with things to do. Leeuwarden is the perfect starting place for your trip!

Everything, and nothing

When you wake up on holiday in Friesland you’re just a few minutes from the wide Frisian nature, or one of the many babbling waterways that cross the Province. There’s something for all outdoor fans: walking routes, excellent cycling, nature-watching; those seeking peace, water-sports fans, and city-trippers. 

Comfortable Staying

Your holiday in Friesland begins in Leeuwarden. The Frisian capital is the perfect starting point, and has plenty of ways to get around, whether by bike, car, or public transport. From the city, you’re just a short trip from the most staggering nature in the Province: within half an hour you can be in Harlingen, and from the nearly Holwerd it’s a short hop to the unforgettable island of Ameland. After a day of culture, nature, and good company there’s nothing better than diving into a comfy bed, and the clean air and active lifestyle guarantees you a good sleep!

And further out in Friesland

In Friesland everything is closer than you think! Even in Leeuwarden, open space and nature is just a stone’s throw away. With a guide from A Guide to Leeuwarden at your side you’ll easily dig deep into the city, and you can get a different view of the city from an electric boat tour. Further out of the city there’s the incredible Wadden Islands, or the 11Fountains tour across the Province. The 11Fountains tour follows the famous Elfstedentocht ice skating race route, from picturesque Sloten, to the medieval city of Sneek. 

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