It is general knowledge that Frysk is the official second language of the Netherlands. But Frysk also has dialects. Hindeloopers is one of them. Even to Frisian ears, the sounds of medieval vowels are awkward. This city likes to do things its own way and that made Hindeloopen, Hylpen, a wayward trendsetter. The direct connection from the Zuiderzee (South Sea) to the Baltic Sea introduced them to printed cotton fabrics, the chintz. Along with a sound of their own, they also have their own clothes. The fashionista`s of the nineteenth century could be found in Hindeloopen.

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Ontdek de schatten van Hindeloopen

Hindelooper Painting

Graceful patterns of flowers, leaves, and birds on wooden furniture and also on souvenirs characterise Hindeloopen folk painting. In Hindeloopen, visit one of the few remaining painters of this art or go on a voyage of discovery at Musuem Hindeloopen.

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11fountains Hindeloopen - flora & fauna

Walking on the dike

Get acquainted with the walking route between the two Frisian Hanseatic cities: Stavoren and Hindeloopen, located on the former Zuiderzee (South Sea). Over the IJsselmeerdijk (Ijsselmeer dike), you walk among the sheep along the Fryske Gea nature reserve: the Bocht van Molkwar. During this 11 km route, the wind is nice and challenging due to the fences you occasionally have to climb over. To get back to Stavoren, take the relaxing Arriva train. So put on your walking shoes and walk along the Frisian IJsselmeer coast.

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First Frisian skating museum

The Frisian Eleven Cities Tour is the oldest as well as the first skating tour along the Eleven Cities of Friesland. The tour requires real winter weather with sufficient and severe frost. The last Eleven Cities Tour took place on 4 January, 1997. You can learn all about the "Tocht der Tochten" (The Tour of All Tours) and find the largest collection of skates at the Skating Museum in Hindeloopen,.

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Musical de Tocht in Leeuwarden

You don’t want to miss this

Dwaal door het sprookjesachtige Hindeloopen, waar je je nooit hoeft te vervelen. In het centrum van Hindeloopen vind je onder andere de fontein Flora en Fauna van het 11Fountains project en het Museum Hindeloopen waar je alles te weten komt over de Hindelooper klederdracht en de schilderkunst. Naast kunst en cultuur kun je volop genieten van de natuur. Hindeloopen ligt aan het IJsselmeer dus watersportmogelijkheden genoeg! Geniet van je vakantie!

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11steden - 11fountains

On foot, by bike, by motorbike or even by boat….but above all known from doing it skating: the 200-kilometre Elfstedentocht (11 Cities Tour). Who doesn't know it? A household name for over 110 years, and not only in Friesland. Shivering, hopefully with well- sharpened blades, thousands of daredevils ventured across the frozen Frisian waters, past the eleven Frisian towns, for the last time in 1997. All along the route, the shore was packed with loyal supporters, cheering on the skaters everywhere possible in the icy cold. With the help of a piece of cake and a ‘zopie’, a warming Boomsa herbal bitter or purely by character, they saw Klasina Seinstra and Henk Angenent cross the finish line within eight hours in 1997. Although it has now been more than 25 years since the Elfstedentocht has taken place, winter remains the time to recall stories about the Tocht der Tochten (Tour of All Tours). 

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Eleven Cities - VISIT THEM ALL!

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