Iepen Up


A year full of freedom, diversity and questions; that’s Iepen UP. This comprehensive programme breaks all taboos and takes a critical look at how we live together in a changing world. Including a weekly evening programme, we give answers to questions that matter.​

Filter bubbles and freedom

Iepen mienskip means open society. Sounds good, but how do we do that? How do we deal with freedom, diversity, democracy, filter bubbles, and issues that divide society to the core? Consider discussions on refugees, racism, inequality, climate change or Europe's uncertain future.

As the world changes, what do we want to bring from the past into the future? What should we let go? What else do we need? Who will participate? These questions are at the heart of Iepen UP.

Join in

Share your ideas online and during the weekly evening programme Iepen UP Live, for discussion and performance in Neushoorn Café. Speakers, experts, troublemakers, artists and experts come from all over Europe and have conversations with the audience. Also follow the quest of 18 millennials from across Friesland for answers to these questions.

Celebrate it during the Frisian Liberation Festival. Go to the outdoor cinemas in the summer to watch films and dance along during live performances. Be challenged by protests by artists from home and abroad - because action is sometimes required. Count the number of new people you have met, for example during the Meet UP café in Leeuwarden with newcomers and locals. And, above all, come to the Re-Opening of 2018, where we will make the results of our search known worldwide.

Join us, because society is for all of us.

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