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Make your city trip to Leeuwarden unforgettable! The bustling heart of Friesland is the place to be if you are looking for culture, history, culinary hotspots and special locations to spend the night. In short; everything you need for an unforgettable city trip!

During a day trip to Leeuwarden - you won’t believe your eyes!

Your unforgettable city trip starts right here, in Leeuwarden. Where are you going, what are you going to see and what are you going to do? You can ‘shop ‘til you drop’ in the historical city centre. Scattered throughout the city centre, you will find many small shopping streets, undiscovered boutiques and cosy city canals. Fancy a drink or rather a nice long dinner? Take a seat at one of the many terraces, warm cafes or culinary hotspots! Are you staying the night? In Leeuwarden you’ll be doing that in style! Would you prefer to sleep in a palace, a prison or a post office? Nothing is better than diving into a soft bed after a long day full of culture, fun and good food.

Planning your trip

Looking for a bit of culture during your city trip to Leeuwarden? You've come to the right place! Rightly so the city has been declared European Capital of Culture 2018. The historic heart of Leeuwarden is packed with beautiful monuments and all kinds of top exhibitions are displayed in the various museums. Would you like the total package? Then join one of the many tours through Leeuwarden! Enthusiastic city guides tell passionately about their favourite spot or the most beautiful street. The rich past is reflected in the many beautiful historic buildings. There are even two palaces in the centre: the Stadhouderlijk Hof and the Princessehof. Are you curious?

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How long are you staying? - Stay!

Saying one night, two or maybe even three? It doesn’t matter how long you’ll be staying—we hav the best tips listed for you.

Staying overnight - zzz

How would you prefer to spend your night? Are you going for the personal (and, of course, the delicious breakfast) of a Bed & Breakfast, the luxury of a hotel or the feeling of total freedom at a campsite? It's all possible in Leeuwarden.

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