A day in Leeuwarden


Are you ready for a day in Leeuwarden? 24-hours is not long, but we'll make a lovely day of it. Perhaps we'll visit some outstanding museums, discover the history and secrets of the city during our tour, and head on over to a warm cafe where you can enjoy some fresh apple tart. Are you coming too?

But first, coffee - With cake!


You can discover Leeuwarden in loads of different ways. By train, by boat, or maybe you'd prefer to walk? Then take a guide from the experts at A Guide to Leeuwarden. They know the best places to see, and can tell you all about the rich history of the city.

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Fancy a big dose of culture? Then you're in luck in Leeuwarden! You're most welcome to visit all of the exceptional museums that enrich the city. Thus, you'll find unique exhibitions at the Fries Museum, you can discover the Ceramic Museum the Princessehof's 'sunken treasures', and head on over to the Nature Museum Friesland with the kids to dip into the underwater safari.

Museums in Leeuwarden

Take a break - lunch!

Time to re-charge. There's enough in this city to eat a different excellent lunch each day, but the choice is still easy. Leeuwarden is stocked full of the hippest and most delivious lunch-spots. Whether you're set on a brown-roll with cheese, or a three-course lunch, you're well situated here.

Agenda - fun!

Would you like to experience the theatre, visit a temporary exhibition, or are you just searching for a little adventure? Check the agenda! There is always something to do.

Finish everything off with dinner.

A day full of activity should, naturally, be rounded off with a good dinner. In Leeuwarden, there are plenty of places you can do just that. Have you ever thought of dining in an old prison? Or maybe you'd prefer one of these others?

Grand Café Post-Plaza



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