Tuinen 2 Krist Vis & Dis

Krist Vis & Dis

Because it is our name and we are proud of it. Involved in fish since 1974 and you can certainly taste it!

Vis (Fish)
There is a lot to do about fishing, think of overfishing, quotas, pollution, etc. We have to live from the sea so we have to take good care of it, that's why we choose sustainable. In short, sustainable means: intended to last for a long time. So fishing in a way that also allows fishing for a long time. That is our aim and that is what we aim for.

Dis: a set table with food. In our shop, that means nice tables with delicious fresh fish on beautifully decorated plates. People who know what they are doing! Your napkins and placemats are made from recycled materials, no plastic here!