Theater Tol in Leeuwarden


On 21, 22 and 23 April 2022, Leeuwarden will be the setting for the enchanting theater show of Theater Tol: Tolworld. A unique collaboration between international artists from the Flemish theater company Theater Tol and Frisian artists. Let yourself be carried away in a spectacular performance that takes place in the (open) air. As a visitor, you experience an enchanting journey from one scene to another. Extra special: Tolworld has its world première in Leeuwarden!

Tolworld - world premiere!

The theme of Tolworld is very topical: people who would like to be together but cannot reach each other. Be amazed by angels moving between heaven and earth, cyclists pedaling through the air at great heights, dancers taking off and much more. We work with light, film images, singing, dance and many costumes. Theater Tol's performances leave no one untouched!

Theater Tol - BIOGRAPHY

Theater Tol has been traveling all over the world since 1998. The company from Antwerp has performed in more than 30 countries, from Norway to Australia and from Canada to Greece. Theater Tol depicts the most special performances with images, play and music. Spoken text is hardly used. The location is often the basis for the performances: Theater Tol uses the physical possibilities of a location, but also the history and social context as sources of inspiration when creating a performance..

The theatre company prefers 'unusual' locations: an old factory, a park, a market square, a beach or the bank of a river. They play in the open air all year round. Theater Tol works in detail, poetically, and communicates through an original and unusual visual and musical language. Time and again Theater Tol manages to surprise the audience with enchanting performances.

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