The seaport city of Friesland and one of the Eleven Cities: Harlingen. Located on the UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage Site, it also has a lively and historic city centre. You can take the boat from here to Terschelling and Vlieland, but before you do, Harlingen is definitely worth a pit stop.

You can do, see and experience all sorts of things here. A very unique outing from Harlingen: mudflats and dry land!

Sea heroes and treasure troves - ALL HANDS ON DECK

Harlingen is the city of sea heroes and treasure troves. It has a rich past and great cultural heritage. You see this immediately in the canals, typical Dutch gables and old buildings and warehouses. In the harbours, you will find old ships with exciting stories; sea heroes can be found everywhere. From the harbours to the beach and back into the city. Dive into Harlingen's history in the Hannemahuis, where you will be taken through the city's history and stories.

Historical fact: Harlingen has more than 500 monumental buildings, making it one of the highest monument densities in the Netherlands. If you do a city walk here (on your own or with a city guide), it actually feels like one big open-air museum!

Ship ahoy! - CAPTAIN

The New Willemshaven harbour is within walking distance of the city centre where several attractions can be found. The Caribbean and Jack Sparrow are nothing like it, as sailors' stories and special ships can be found here! For instance, Willem Barentsz' expedition ship and Jenni Baynton's lightship have a permanent berth here. You can also come across tall ships here, and that's not all. The Noorderhaven harbour and Zuiderhaven harbour are also fun to walk through!

Can't get enough of the harbours? The new Willemskade is home to a harbour brewery. Here you can taste, try delicious beers and enjoy the view of the sea!


During, after or beyond all the stories and history, you can also spend your remaining leisure time here in the hospitality and retail sectors. The catering options range from culinary delights to tasty appetizer platters to accompany your drinks. Outside on the terrace or inside the shop; there is atmosphere everywhere! In summer, fun events are organised here. In summer, you can dance at the Jazz Festival, enjoy the Street Festival, and visit the vibrant Visserijdagen (Fisherman's Days) here!

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