Spring holiday in Leeuwarden


Spring holiday, crocus holiday, carnival holiday; holidays! And they are best experienced in Leeuwarden. Explore Leeuwarden, show off your best skating moves at the ice rink, visit special (theatre) performances or venture into the city's most exciting museum. Choose the adventure and experience an unforgettable spring holiday in Leeuwarden.​

just for kids! - yesss

Active and Adventurous! - For all ages

The spring holiday in Leeuwarden is all about climbing, clambering, flying, jumping and skating! There are plenty of locations throughout the city where you can stretch your legs and actively enjoy your well-earned school holiday!

With the whole family - Yummie!

Pizzas, pancakes, ice creams, fun and togetherness; feast with the whole family in Leeuwarden. Eat the most delicious pancakes on a real ship, discover the best play corners and make your own pizza. Because all that cavorting, romping, chatting, and running around will make you hungry. Luckily, we know the best places in Leeuwarden where you can recharge your batteries. Never going home again!

Laugh, shout and marvel! - Theatre

Prefer something different? Or is the weather outside bad? Then Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie has the best shows for you. This year, De Harmonie is celebrating its 150th(!) year of existence, so it is going all out with special anniversary shows! Enjoy the best and funniest performances in the main hall and leave the theatre with a smile.

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