Romantic hot-spots

Let's be honest, love doesn't run on dry toast. Luckily, in Leeuwarden, we serve a whole heap more than that! A romantic dinner for two on the water-front? A wintry wander through the Prinsentuin, followed by a heavenly high tea? Or, how about a candle-lit tapas, perfect for sharing! Leeuwarden's romantic spots are endless. Love blooms via the stomach, right? So, make sure yours is full of more than just butterflies.

Second date: dinner for two - amore amore

Little Venice - Ti amo

When you think of the world's most romantic locations, you might think of Paris, Venice, or Bora Bora, but you don't necessarily have to trek across the world to celebrate your love. Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland, is criss-crossed by beautiful canals, which are a left-over from Leeuwarden's time as a coastal power. You'll feel like you're in Venice, without having to jump on a plane. Need some more inspiration?

Third date: go out! - cozy

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