When it rains in Leeuwarden

stay dry

The rain taps on the rooftops, the wind sings through the windows, leaves clutch to branches- it is nearly Autumn, and we have to get used to it. But, however grey and wet the outside is makes the inside that much more warm and convivial! So, where can you shelter during Autumnal showers?​

Happily Lazy

Before you know it, you'll find yourself collapsing onto a sofa at Lazy Lemon. A large cup of (lemon) tea, a heartwarming bowl of pho, and a good chat will make your trip to Lazy Lemon complete. Here, you'll feel so at home that you'll wonder why you left your slippers at home. And isn't that the idea, on days like these?

All washed up

If you've taken a real soaking, take your rest at De Walrus. Here you'll be taken excellent care of, before being returned restored and dry on your way. Nothing is nicer than warming up with a big much of hot chocolate with a thick covering of whipped cream. Take a Day Dream to give you all the vitamins and minerals needed to handle the fould weather.

High and Dry

A menu that is made depending on the season, a wine menu that you refer to as 'Sir or Ma'am', and a view that you could look at all day. Restaurant Élevé is situated on the 11th floor of the WestCord WTC Hotel in Leeuwarden. The huge windows reveal a panoramic outlook over the city. So, in times of inclement weather, you can take extra enjoyment from your high and dry topspot.

Do you wish that…

...there were also tours where you can stay dry? Every Friday, there is a tour through the city hall, and in light rain you'll be completely dry on the covered CityTrain. If you're not scared of melting, then just head on over to one of the several tours that take place come rain or shine!

Naturally, you can also duck into one of the many Leeuwarder museums. Let yourself wonder at the outstanding selection of exhibitions. Which one are you going to visit?

Stay warm - and dry

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