Nature in Leeuwarden


Leeuwarden is also the perfect base for nature lovers. Just a few kilometres from the city centre, the sounds of the city fade and give way to the sounds of birdsong and frogs croaking. Curious about the most beautiful nature around Leeuwarden? Then quickly read on!

The Potmarge

Are you up for nature, but don't want to lose sight of the city? During a walk along the Potmarge, the Achmea Tower remains a permanent landmark. In the Middle Ages, water flowed from the Potmarge towards the Middle Sea (Middelzee). The city of Leeuwarden was created on the mounds next to it. Today the Potmarge is a protected national monument.

The Froskepôlle - Between town and country

The Froskepôlle is a green oasis in Leeuwarden. This polder island is only accessible via a bridge and you are literally between town and country. The iconic mill on the Froskepôlle provides running water in the ditch and the ponds.

The Groene Ster - kleine wielen

The Green Star (De Groene Ster) - also known as the Small Wheels (Lytse or Kleine Wielen) - is a recreational area on the east side of Leeuwarden. Here you will not only find forests and hiking trails, but also sunbathing areas and beaches. While this is the place to be for a wonderfully refreshing swim in the summer, the Green Star (De Groene Ster) is also a great place for a winter walk.

The Grutte Wielen

Across the street from the Green Star (De Groene Ster) is the the Big Wheels (De Grutte or Grote Wielen). This special nature reserve consists of several lakes that are connected to each other. You can also take the most beautiful walks here. From the vantage point, you have a wide view of the Big Wheels (De Grutte Wielen)!

The Leeuwarder Forest - nice!

The Leeuwarder Forest (Leeuwarder Bos) is located to the north of Leeuwarden. This forest was planted in the early 1990s - so still young - but has since grown into a real forest with a great diversity of animals, plants and mushrooms. Chances are you will bump into a Scottish highlander here!

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