Valentinesday in Leeuwarden


From a nice cup of coffee to a grand gesture; celebrate love in Leeuwarden! Valentine's Day is the ultimate excuse for a romantic getaway for two. Show your love for someone at a dinner-by-candlelight, book a special hotel stay or shop for the perfect gift in the city centre. Polish the lenses of your rose-coloured glasses and let Cupid show you around the most romantic hotspots in the city.

Out together! - cute

Are you looking for a fun outing for two? In addition to the ultimate relax seats in the Pathé, there is plenty to do in Leeuwarden. Take a look at the cutest residents of the city; the penguins in AquaZoo are the ultimate lovebirds to swoon over! Prefer something more active? Discover romantic hidden gems during a city walk, or go for a throwback to your French camping love during an evening of Jeu-de-Boule in a centuries-old city theatre!

Aaaah, you shouldn't have - Cadeaus

Your Valentine obviously deserves a perfect gift this year. Surprise your lover with a vintage pearl, an exciting board game, beautiful jewellery or a Blomke fan romke bouquet - everything to prevent you from coming home with a VVV gift voucher.

Love goes through the stomach - nomnomnom

After a full programme of fun dates and bags full of gifts for your Valentine, a nice meal is of course the icing on the cake. And whether you're out for a fresh pizza, a good burger or a luxury dinner with a delicious wine package. In Leeuwarden, every Valentine's Day ends with a delicious dinner

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