until 29 May Ice Age in AquaZoo Leeuwarden

Ice Age in AquaZoo Leeuwarden

Experience the Ice Age like never before! Because in AquaZoo Leeuwarden, you will discover everything you want to know about animals from this prehistoric period until May 29th. Come face to face with many Ice Age giants, including the gigantic mammoth, impressive sabre-tooth tiger and roaring cave bear.

In AquaZoo, you can walk with penguins along the beach, wander through the ring-tailed lemur area and come face to face with Amur tigers. Cross streams over tree trunks, pull yourself across the swamp near the kangaroos on a raft and hop from one stone to another. Can you keep your feet dry? Your journey of discovery starts at AquaZoo!


  • Daily until may 29th, 2024 from 10:00 to 17:00


  • Payment options: Cash, PIN
  • Online tickets with discount