Saturday 3 August Nassau wandeling with Bearn Bilker

Nassau wandeling with Bearn Bilker

Nassau expert Bearn Bilker guides you past monuments and other places in Leeuwarden that played a role in the history of the Frisian Nassau's.
Who is Maria Louise of Hesse Kassel, what is the connection with the English Anna of Hanover. What is the story at statue ‘ús heit’ on Hofplein, the Stadhouderlijk hof and the Wilhelmina tree? Bilker can tell you all about it.

Location: Historical Centre Leeuwarden
Start: 2:00 pm
Admission: € 3.50 p.p. (15 places available)
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Organisation: Leeuwarden Tour, Stichting Nassau en Friesland (Nassau and Friesland Foundation) in cooperation with Historical Centre Leeuwarden

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  • Saturday the 3rd of august 2024 from 14:00 to 15:30


  • €3.50
  • Payment options: Cash, PIN