Blokhuisplein 40 Drink & Eetlokaal Proefverlof

Drink & Eetlokaal Proefverlof

Here you can enjoy pure food that is purchased locally in a truly special place: the old prison of Leeuwarden. Not only the unique location, but also the special options such as cell-dining, joining the inmate table, fascinating food, and the great terrace on the water mean that memories are made here that will not soon be forgotten. It's not for nothing that we have the slogan: DO NOT WAIT FOR SPECIAL MOMENTS BUT MAKE ORDINARY MOMENTS SPECIAL!

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Data & times

  • Open seven days per week! On Monday's we open at 17:00, and from Tuesday through Thursday at 11:00


  • Payment options: Cash, PIN, Credit card, VVV Dinercheque
  • Main course from: €22.50
  • Three-course menu from: €39.50



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