Healthy hotspots


Fancy something healthy and fortifying? Leeuwarden’s full of green hotspots, offering all sorts of cuisines from across the world! Check out our favourites here.

1. Lazy Lemon

Sit back, relax, and experience some of the healthy dishes and drinks at Lazy Lemon. Whilst you can order some less healthy dishes here (for example: American pancakes, cocktails, cakes; sweet potato fries... ok we're getting distracted now....) you can also exercise your more virtuous wishes here. How about a fortifying bowl of miso soup, or a huge bowl of coconut yoghurt with some delicious toppings? Take a comfy spot on the sofa, order a ginger tea, and revel in your laziness!

2. Banhs & Coffee

You'll find real Vietnamese cuisine at Bahns & Coffee, located on De Tuinen. The atmosphere is more than welcoming, and the menu is chock full of fantastic soups and salads, but you absolutely must try the salad rolls: a rice-paper roll filled with deliciousness such as Lettuce and noodles with prawns, Vietnamese sausage, crispy tofu, and more. The rolls taste best, we think, when combined with a fresh home-made tea, or a cup of real Vietnamese coffee.

3. Proefverlof

Proefverlof is located in the Blokhuispoort- a former prison that is now a cultural hub. Where previously the only thing on the menu was bread and water, now you'll find ultra-healthy, luxurious tastiness. The menu has a whole page of vegetarian options, and uses local products; so you'll both feel healthy and know you're contributing to a sustainable mindset. Who knew that eating responsibly could be so lovely?

4. Stek

Stek is seriously good. The restaurant sits next to one of Leeuwarden's calmest grachten and has views over the iconic Oldehove leaning tower and the Prinsentuin gardens. If you're hankering for avo toast, want to top-up your proteing with yoghurt and granola, or just fancy a big old slab of (still healthy) banana bread with your coffee, head here. The cool interior and instagram-worthy dishes make Stek a true hotspot.

5. Dr. Plant

Vegans rejoice! Dr. Plant is 100% plant-based. Located in a kiosk on the Prins Hendrikbrug, you have to look out for the interestingly-shaped building or your might wander right past it! If luck (or a map app) brings you to the right door you're in for a real treat; the tastiest plant-based baked goods and lunches. Why not order a hearty stampot, a filling soup, or even a sea-weed burger? (Ok, the burger isn't that healthy, but its still plant-based!)

6. Bowls 'n Rolls

If you're searching for a sushi-roll, or a pokébowl, you'll find them at Bowls 'n Rolls! Choose from one of their best-sellers, or even build your own bowl yourself if you want to make sure that everything that goes in is as virtuous as possible. Whether you then choose to order a delicious ice cream after, well, that's up to you...

7. Bagels & Beans

There's a healthy little corner over on De Kelders - Bagels & Beans - where everything is served on a bagel! But whilst you'll come for the bagles and (coffee)beans, you'll stay for the atmosphere. It's relaxed as anything, and the perfect place to reflect on your newly healthy choices. The playlist is jazzy, the surroundings convivial, and the coffee great. After a coffee, you'll probably want to try one of their juices, and after that you might even be tempted by a 'nutty' yoghurt bowl packed full of nuts and seeds!

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