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until 13 April Colour your Dream

Colour your Dream

There is a sea of space. In my head, in your head, in everyone's head. A bizarre parallel world, intangible, and visitable by no one but yourself.

On the surface is consciousness, but how deep is it beneath? How deep is that sea of the unconscious? At night, in dreams, this depth bubbles up.

Sometimes calm, sometimes stormy, serene or full of emotion. Fears, desires, hopes, regrets, everything is magnified. Shadows from the past and fragments from the present and fantasies, forbidden or not, can coexist effortlessly. And reason is momentarily lost.This dream world is elusive and indivisible. You can't take a picture, and the memories are gone before you know it.

The exhibition brings you an insight into my dreams, your dreams, everyone's dreams?


Donja Bruning

Job Griffijn

Vinciane Heemstra

Lotte Koppens

Caro Kroon

Albert Smit

Margaretha Posthumus

Pieter Dirk Torensma


SPOONK Art Cantina
Kleine Hoogstraat 17
8911DV Leeuwarden
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