Naauw, Kelders & Sint Jacobsstraat


Perhaps you’d like to find the prettiest boutiques in Leeuwarden, and other hidden pearls of the city centre? We’d suggest trying these streets. On the Naauw, the Kelders, and in the Sint Jacobsstrat sit several superlative shops, filled with interesting products! If you already know Leeuwarden, then you’ll know these streets, in which case, find further inspiration here.

Shops - + boutiques

Sint Jacobsstraat

The Sint Jacobsstraat has been one of the most beautiful streets in Leeuwarden since the city was founded. Here you’ll find the stylish stalwart Nørd Conceptstore, where you’re assured of a warm welcome by the owner. Here, you can relax with a cup of coffee and something sweet, whilst perusing all of the home accessories on offer.

The Kelders

De Kelders has a special range of shops, from concept stores to a surplus shop. If you’re with children, we highly recommend a trip to Stenen Tijdperk. It’s the best ‘experience shop’ in Leeuwarden- so whilst your children can lose themselves in a LEGO and Playmobil wonderland, you can relax with a fortifying cup of coffee.

't Naauw

Real fashionistas throng the Naauw, a special street where the canal is surrounded on all sided by the coolest clothing stores in the city. The first branch of Fiftysix in Leeuwarden is here, and you’ll find yourself lusting after several choice items if you have a look in Buyten or Ventura.

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