Sustainable shopping


Supporting local and regional producers in Leeuwarden is already a great start to shopping sustainably, but everyone knows that a truly joy-inducing item needs to also be guilt-free. Luckily, the centre of Leeuwarden is full of sustainable companies:

Winkels - Guilt-free

  • Dr. Plant
  • Puur IJS en Chocolade
  • Expresso Fashion
  • Wereldwinkel
  • Vier Seizoenen
  • Nørd Conceptstore
  • Bagels & Beans
  • Eetcafé Spinoza
  • Vis & Dis
  • Blikspuit
  • Broodje Bewust
  • De Pluymgraaff
  • Over en Weer
  • De Wereld van Thee
  • De Plek Vintage
  • Hardwerk x Fogeltje

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