A Luminous Fall

October to December

We're leaving the summer behind, but don't worry: the packed cultural season is in full swing from October to December. And this year we are going bigger than ever! Night owls, culture vultures, film fanatics and dreamers will be short of days this autumn. With the national premiere of Daan Roosegaarde's SPARK, the premiere of the musical De Tocht and many autumn festivals and events, you will experience the longest evening programme of the year in Leeuwarden. A ‘skitterend’ (splendid) autumn.

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Museums & Exhibitions - Admire

During the splendid autumn in Leeuwarden, there is much more to do besides the main programme. Visit the museums and discover special exhibitions. From world-famous Liwadders (people from Leeuwarden) (such as M.C. Escher and Mata Hari) to local, regional and worldly stories.

Food & Drinks - Tasty!

The range of restaurants and cafés in Leeuwarden is vast, so there is something for everyone! From Italian to Thai and Indian. Do you prefer something more national or are you just coming for a drink? The choice may seem endless. Too much of a selection? Don't worry, we have selected the nicest places for you.

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