8 t/m 12 november Noordelijk Film Festival

Noordelijk Film Festival

Film is alive. Filmmakers are always pushing boundaries, and there is certainly no shortage of them in the North. For all who want to stay informed about film in Northern Europe, who want to be surprised and inspired and who love films: welcome to the Noordelijk Film Festival. 

This November, immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of the festival in the heart of Leeuwarden, where northern films big and small are being celebrated and sustainability and progress are important. Over a period of five days, at one of the largest and oldest film festivals in the Netherlands, about 20,000 visitors discover a diverse program of more than a hundred screenings. 

From compelling thrillers and moving documentaries to absurdist arthouse and winter films that will make you shiver. From ecologically responsible catering and great live music to surprising specials, you will find it all at the Northern Film Festival.


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