Marijke Muoi

under de toer

This event has expired.

A special place will always be held for Marijke Muoi in the hearts of those who experienced LF2018. The show was based around the momentous year of 1795, when a group of revolutionaries, idealists, and opportunists stormed the Grote Kerk in Leeuwarden. They smashed everything, stole various valuables from the graves and crypts of the church, and even desecrated the bones of long-dead Nassaus (the ruling dynasty of the time). Their aim: to bring about democracy, and bring it about now!

In 2018, the theatrical performance by Marijke Muoi introduced the public to one of ten historical characters, involved in violating the grave of Maria Louise in 1795. Each figure took a group into the church by a different entrance, so that they could experience their over version of this pivotal moment in the history of Friesland.

The main sponsor of Under the Tour was the Prins Bernhard Cultural Fun. The main sponsor of Marijke Muoi is the Foundation FB Oranjewoud. 

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