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So, you’ve read all of the Visit Leeuwarden website, gained inspiration and are now champing at the bit to visit Leeuwarden. But once you get here, then what? You can, of course, go on a discovery tour using our handy map, or visit the VVV Leeuwarden. The friendly team at the VVV are there to help, and guide you through your Leeuwarden experience.

The VVV can’t be overlooked, mainly because it is located in the tallest tower in the Northern Netherlands: the Achmeatoren! If you’ve arrived in Leeuwarden via train, the VVV is just outside the station. If you’ve arrived by car and aren’t sure where to find it from where you have parked, just look up and you’ll always find it.

VVV Leeuwarden
Sophialaan 4
8911 AE Leeuwarden
(+31) 58 234 7550

Monday 11.00 - 16.00
Tuesday - Friday 10.00 - 16.00
Saturday 10.00 - 15.00
Sunday Closed

About us - VVV

The VVV Stadsregio Leeuwarden is the official ‘host’ for the city, and stands for promoting Leeuwarden for tourism and leisure. Our role is to make visitors aware of all that the city has to offer, and to help them make the most of their time here. We do this through our bureau, at our website, and on social media. Overall, our aim to is to make a positive contribution to the city, and its visitors.

In addition to providing services for tourists and visitors, the VVV Stadsregio Leeuwarden also supports businesspeople from the city region who are focussed on hospitality. Together, we hope to improve the overall ‘hospitality landscape’ in the city- which, of course, also means that we can give more and better recommendations to visitors!

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