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The best restaurants can be found in Leeuwarden. We think good food is important here and this is evident from the wide range of restaurants in the city. Italian, Greek, Japanese, Mexican - you can fly over a whole culinary world. A number of restaurants are located in the historic city centre of Leeuwarden, a culinary route along the hotspots of Leeuwarden. For example, the restaurant Proefverlof is located in the Blokhuispoort. And you can dine in the middle of Leeuwarden's city park at restaurant De Koperen Tuin. Enjoying Leeuwarden makes your city trip complete!


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The best restaurants - You'll find in Leeuwarden

Friesland also has its own taste, which you can experience for yourself at top restaurants such as Eindeloos, 't Leven and Proefverlof. You can get a taste of the province in delicious dishes made from local products. You should not miss the local delicacies of Leeuwarden during your city trip! Are you in the mood for international cuisine? Then discover the Italian restaurants of Leeuwarden. From traditional Italian at Pompeï to a delicious pizza at De Burgemeester van Napels. You can taste the taste of the East at Thai by Jai, Asian tapas restaurant Tao and Indian restaurant Jamuna.

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On the long shopping street in the centre of Leeuwarden, the Nieuwestad, you will find cozy restaurants such as Roast and Baylings, but you can also enjoy a drink at Kelder 65, Fire Café and Dikke van Dale. Perfect to recover from a long day of shopping. Prefer an extensive drink with a well-stocked serving board? Then you are at the right spot at Pecorino! This wine & food bar on the Druifstreek, perpendicular to the Oosterstraat, serves delicious platters and good wines and the atmosphere is great! If you still have time for a nightcap, you can move over a few buildings to Paddy 'O Ryan, the Irish pub in Leeuwarden.

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