Wirdumerdijk 18 Doopsgezinde kerk

Doopsgezinde kerk

The Doopsgezinde Kerk (Baptist Church) on Wirdumerdijk in Leeuwarden is the home of the baptist community in Leeuwarden. Besides services and celebrations, the church occasionally serves as a stage for cultural events.

The auditorium-style church was built in 1760. In 1832, an adjacent house was demolished and the church was given an entrance porch with Doric columns. The interior is covered by barrel vaults and a cupola. The pulpit (1786) and the organ (1786) built by J.S. Strümphler are both from the baptist church De Zon in Amsterdam. The stained-glass windows on both sides of the pulpit were made by Joep Nicolas in 1954.