Vierhuisterweg 11 Rest stop - Leeuwarder Forest outdoor centre

Rest stop - Leeuwarder Forest outdoor centre

Rest stop- Leeuwarder Forest outdoor centre is a gathering and meeting place for relaxation, knowledge sharing and outdoor activities. The accommodation consists of 2 separate indoor areas: a rest point and an outdoor centre. The rest point is a self-service spot for cyclists and hikers. Here you can have a cup of coffee, tea or something else, find information about the area and use the toilet for a modest fee. The outdoor centre is for small-scale (outdoor) activities, lectures, workshops and information on nature and cultural history etc. The outdoor centre can be rented by individuals, companies, institutions, etc. Canoes (Point 65) are rented at an attractive rate. There are several canoe routes and there is a geocaching canoe route.


Vierhuisterweg 11
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