8th day


This event has expired.

For the builders, the fabricators, the initiative-leaders, and business owners- and for hundreds of people who wanted to find out what Frisian people already knew, the 8th of July 2018 was momentous. Leeuwarden was the most celebratory city in Europe: the 8ste Dag precipitated a 5-hour extravaganza of people, structures, and performances across the city centre.

Over 12,000 books fell in a domino-train (nearly a world record, but not quite), buildings ‘collapsed’, 25 tails were cut off; a caravan went out on the waterways, and even a proposal (she said ‘yes’!)

The 8ste dag was a celebration of the living, and the influence that people have on each-other, and the world. This was encapsulated by the various chain reactions- demonstrating the imperfect nature of life, that nonetheless inspires rebirth again and again.

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